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Manually add ssh key in known hosts

Authenticating the server has to be done before you send any confidential data to it. Ssh/ known_ hosts files contain host public keys for all known hosts. SSH_ KNOWN_ HOSTS FILE FORMAT. I' d like to update automatically my ssh known_ hosts file to accept new server. I assume, that I need to add server' s public key ( id_ rsa. By the way, known_ hosts can contain any type of public key supported by the SSH implementation, not just DSA ( also RSA and ECDSA).
If you have the public key of the server you' re about to connect to, you can add it to ~ /. How can I do that manually. Ssh/ known_ hosts on the client manually.

Ssh/ known_ hosts ssh will recreate the file again, but you lose key checking for other hosts! Then merge the files to make known_ hosts contain both keys. Initially I thought about opening the public key file and copying its contents over to the known_ hosts file but I suspect that is not the correct method. Edit the file, jump to that line and delete it. Manually add ssh key in known hosts. Pub obtained through secure channel), but what I see is that format is different ( I' ve tried adding like this awk ' { print " server " $ 1" " $ 2} ' id_ rsa.
Or, you can use: ssh- keygen - R " hostname" Or the ssh " man- in- the- middle" message should indicate which line of the known_ hosts file has the offending fingerprint. Ssh/ known_ hosts with verification failed. Ssh/ known_ hosts ~ /. The / etc/ ssh/ ssh_ known_ hosts and ~ /. Pub) from another machine.
Bak Then edit known_ hosts to clear the original key, then ssh to the host using: ssh It' ll add the new key automatically; then compare the two files. I have downloaded the ECDSA public key ( ssh_ host_ ecdsa_ key. They are both linux servers. Ssh/ known_ hosts. I want to add the key to my local known_ hosts file before connecting to it via SSH.
Feb 13, · I am trying to copy a public key from Server A over to the known_ hosts file in Server B. The global file should be prepared by the administrator ( optional), and the per- user file is maintained automatically: whenever the user connects from an unknown host, its key is added to the per- user file. A program such as meld is a nice way to compare the two files.