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Audi allroad c5 manual gearbox oil change

Sep 19, · Although, on being questioned harder, that advice was somewhat diluted to: ( a) if you do change it, you must use the correct, Audi approved, replacement oil; and ( b) you can' t get all of the old. Labor costs are estimated between $ 57 and $ 73 while parts are priced at $ 38. There is also a method for resetting the TCU memory which I am now itching to try. If RRPhil is correct ( and he certainly sounds like he knows his stuff) then the box is learning and adapting all the time, not to. Audi B6- B7 S4 and C5 Allroad 4. Stands for a manual transmission and A. Leave these things alone, only the multitronic gearbox needs an oil change, not the one in a quattro. The Audi motor oil information on these pages should not be used as a substitute for what your vehicle owner' s manual, factory service manual, or authorized Audi dealer recommends. Audi allroad c5 manual gearbox oil change.

Find great deals on eBay for Audi Allroad Transmission in Complete Auto Transmissions. Change Audi 6 Speed Manual 02M Transmission Oil. Jun 13, · Put 75W90 in the manual transmission after clutch replacement but shifting was notchy and would grind when cold. Audi allroad quattro Quick reference guide Dear Audi Driver, The aim of this quick reference guide is to introduce you to the main features and controls of your vehicle.

Shoppinit wrote: I have just read this extremely interesting thread about the adaptive behaviour of the 5HP24 - albeit the range rover version. Although Audi states that their transmission fluid has a life time span, it does wear like any other component in the car and needs to be changed. Dec 22, · Audi Allroad C5 Tiptronic oil change. What Type of Oil To Use In An Audi Allroad PAGE DISCLAIMER: The information below is ' General Information' and should be used as a guide. Do you know good mechanic which he has experience with this type of gearbox in.

This quality used transmission has 13 miles on it. I wonder if this applies to Marv8' s case. Shop with confidence. This quick reference guide cannot replace the information con- tained in the Owner' s Manual; it is therefore important that you also read the notes and warnings in the Owner' s. The average cost for an Audi Allroad Quattro transmission fluid change is between $ 95 and $ 111. Your transmission also has a filter which should be changed at least every 2 trans oil changes to prolong the life of your tranny.

Do you thing this is safe to do? Hi all, Just wondering if you have any experience with this garage Mercury Auto Repairs. They do changing gearbox oil by using the machine CAT- 501S. How to Change Oil on an. May 18, · How to change your the engine oil, Manual Transmission Oil, and rear Diff oil on a B5 Audi S4.

Rudo6 New Member. 01- 05 Audi C5 Allroad A6 OEM 5HP- 19 AUTO TRANS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FXL 94K ( Fits: Audi Allroad Quattro). Feb 19, · My advice don' t do it, I had a 3. 0tdi A6, got the oil and filter changed from one of the largest auto gearbox specialists in Brum, and 2 months later the gearbox failed, 65k miles the car had done, £ 2100 to get the gearbox reconditioned.