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Auto ecu on manual car

I understand the automatic tranny harness is separate from the main wiring harness. Can the ecu be modified to work with the manual if it doesn' t work. Sep 12, · The auto ecu is just a sh* * ecu.

Turbo by Jusmx141 My1ggsxtuned Non ABS Auto 6/ 4 AWD. May 04, · auto ecu will work in a 5sp. Edit: I just remembered that you could source and run an AWD 850 manual, turbo ECU for your car. 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. The electronic control unit ( ECU) used in today’ s cars and trucks is used to control the engine and other components’ functions. An ECU is a computer with internal pre- programmed and.

Jan 22, · can u use a auto ecu in manual? The manual ecu in an auto car allows for brake boosting while not retarding the timing. Also using an auto ecu should eliminate the speed limiter on the same principles. Auto ecu on manual car.

May 10, · i am desperately trying to find an ecu for my car, 93 corrado distributed vr6. Q: What is an ECU and what does it do? That' s actually the only option that I.

Depending on whether or not the ECU has the immobilizer on it will dictate whether or not you' re going ot be able to drive it. Ecu thinks you are still in neutral therefore speed limit doesnt apply but rev limiter does. It does throw a check engine light because according to the ecu your car never shifted even when you are going 90.
My original ecu iscd all compatible ecu # ' s arewith one of these on the end bj/ cd/ dg/ j/ m/ p will an ecu for an automatic car work in a manual car? Which the auto ecu will do if you try launching an auto with the auto ecu. He' s asking about using an 98 ECU from a manual shift vehicle to replace the one which is programmed for an automatic. Mar 02, · In your case, assuming you have a 97 T5, you could an OBDI ECU and keep your current auto ECU to throw in and check for codes on a regular basis. It' s not about the control, but about not having the ECU think there is an issue with the transmission and pop codes or cause the engine to run differently because of non input from the transmission which it will never get. It has to be done in the car with VAG- COM.